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Zero My Excess

Zeroing in on peace of mind and insurance savings

Introducing Zero My Excess from Accident Exchange, a policy designed with you in mind to give you complete peace of mind and help save you money on insurance renewals.

It works like this…when you take out a motor insurance policy, you usually agree a compulsory excess – that is, an amount that you agree to pay if you make a claim under your motor insurance policy.

With Policy Excess Protector from Zero My Excess, for a small premium, you can cover the excess with a secondary insurance policy, which pays you the value of your excess if you need to make a claim under your motor insurance policy.

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5 reasons why Zero My Excess is a hit:

  • You can choose a higher excess to reduce your insurance premium and protect that excess with Policy Excess Protector from Zero My Excess
  • It gives complete peace of mind knowing you can recover a motor insurance excess if it becomes payable
  • It is ideal to mitigate risk if you have additional drivers on your policy who might expose you to payment of an excess
  • It covers you for an unexpected financial obligation which you otherwise may not have budgeted for
  • You may have no choice but to select a high excess – it’s no longer a worry with Policy Excess Protector