Asset Protection Unit

A team of experts like no other at your disposal

Since 2008, Asset Protection Unit (APU) has continued to evolve and respond to ever changing market conditions to make sure it remains a leader in the field of both Asset Protection and Road Traffic Collison (RTC) investigation.

Who are APU?

With responsibility for several thousand vehicles, APU uses extensive experience to protect vehicles on a 24/7 basis, working with insurers and law enforcement professionals to investigate reported thefts. Made up of ex police officers and detectives, APU has a very specialist skills set. Even by APU’s high standards, 2015 has been an exceptional year for recovering stolen vehicles and saw them working in partnership with The National Crime Agency to locate and recover over £1m worth of cars, stolen from the UK, from Kampala, Uganda.

Global Reach

APU specialists assisted the National Crime Agency in a global investigation during 2015. When a vehicle owned by Accident Exchange was stolen and exported to Africa, most companies would have written the loss off and accepted an insurance settlement. APU, however, refused to take the simple route and allow the perpetrators to succeed.

Using APU’s experience in vehicle tracking technology, and police investigative  experience, we forged a close partnership with the National Crime Agency, where the public and private sector shared intelligence and worked together to achieve expose and shut down this location as a destination for vehicles stolen from the UK. In addition to locating and recovering our own vehicle, we also located another 38 vehicles worth over £1m and organised the repatriation back to the UK.

What we can offer

APU offer a combination of services to dealers and insurers alike:

  • Vehicle theft investigation
  • Fleet management tracking and security
  • Driver profile and security/fraud checks
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Unique, covert tracking technology
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