how we work with insurers

Accident Exchange, a perfect partner for any insurer

Accident Exchange has worked alongside insurers for over a decade. We have provided solutions from Third Party Intervention to more bespoke complex solutions.

Working in partnership

Accident Exchange has used its invaluable experience gained within the motor industry to help build solutions, which help its insurance partners enhance the brand experience, improve customer retention, reduce costs, identify and maximise overall profit opportunities and manage risk.

We have the ability and pedigree to innovate strategically, and the experience to provide marketing driven opportunities for the sector; from Third Party Intervention to the provision of Non-Fault Credit Hire, the Accident Exchange blueprint presents a cost-focused, service-centric solution for insurers.

Our APU business is perfectly placed and equipped to work with insurers in fraud prevention and post-theft vehicle recovery and investigation.

Accident Exchange is a subscriber to the Association of British Insurers General Terms of Agreement - which sets out a protocol between credit hire operators and the insurance industry for dealing with post-accident hire and repair claims.