A helping hand when you need it most

Britain is home to 30 million vehicles travelling 241 billion miles every year. With those numbers it's hardly surprising to hear that people report 12,000 accidents, from car park scrapes to roundabout bumps, every day.

At your time of need

For around 6,000 motorists, these are non-fault incidents and this is where Accident Exchange comes in.

Through our dedicated service centre and with our fleet of over 2,000 luxury, prestige, mainstream and commercial vehicles, we help motorists who are involved in non-fault accidents by supplying temporary replacement vehicles while their own is being repaired, including claims management services for recovery of post-accident losses.

Your rights

A motorist involved in a non-fault accident has the right to a replacement vehicle whilst their own car is being repaired or replaced.  We can provide that mobility as well as arranging the repair and all of the subsequent claims management support, through to conclusion of the claim.

We provide temporary car hire, arrange the repair and deal with the various parties involved in the claim, taking the stress away from the non-fault motorist.