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Demo Fleet Insurance

DCML offers industry leading demo fleet insurance

DCML not only manages and insures your fleet; its DCM Connected solution also tells pinpoint location data, vehicle condition data and driver behaviour information. With costs, compliance and efficiency, dealers have a lot to think about - DCM Connected gives you a user-friendly solution to manage it all.

Designed with you in mind

DCML, a sister company of Accident Exchange, has developed DCM Connected over 15 years working with automotive dealers listening to their input and feedback. DCM Connected delivers an intuitive interface designed to secure and run a fleet efficiently, safely making your job and the day-to-day tasks associated as automated as possible.

It's not just about insurance

DCM Connected goes beyond the company's roots in day rate insurance, and solves some of the biggest challenges your business faces when managing your fleet; from adding day rate insurance to a vehicle before a hire or loan, to risk-assessing a customer, including features such as license checks, previous involvement in criminality etc.

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