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Accident Exchange offers much more than credit hire

Accident Exchange is part of Automotive and Insurance Solutions Group Plc, which has subsidiary companies providing a range of products and solutions to the automotive and insurance sectors.

DCML - DCM Connected

DCML, a sister company of Accident Exchange has developed DCM Connected over 15 years working with automotive dealers, and listening to their input and feedback. DCM Connected delivers an intuitive interface designed to secure, insure and run a fleet efficiently and safely making your job and the day-to-day tasks associated as automated as possible.

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In-Car Cleverness - Fleet Management & Telematics

ICC has developed a leading edge telematics platform for the automotive and insurance sectors. The ICC telematics-based solution is packed with features you would expect such as vehicle tracking but also innovative features such as congestion zone alerting, speed alerts, vehicle diagnostics and even accident detection and reconstruction.

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APU - Asset recovery & fraud intelligence

Our Asset Protection Unit ("APU") is staffed by ex-police officers and investigators, and focuses on preventing and investigating criminality in the automotive sector. APU offers risk assessments on potential customers or business partners, post-crime investigations and markets a unique, highly covert vehicle tracking solution, - which recently proved its worth in breaking up an international organised vehicle crime operation and leading to the recovery of over £1m worth of vehicles from Kampala in Uganda.

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Zero My Excess - Policy Protector

Introducing Zero My Excess from Accident Exchange, a policy designed with your customers in mind. It gives them complete peace of mind and helps them save money on insurance renewals.

It works like this…when they take out a motor insurance policy, they usually agree a compulsory excess – that is, an amount that they agree to pay if you make a claim under your motor insurance policy.

With Policy Excess Protector from Zero My Excess, for a small premium, they can cover the excess with a secondary insurance policy which pays them the value of your excess if you need to make a claim under your motor insurance policy.

Product is available to dealers and bodyshops to resell on our behalf on a referrer basis or the product can be white labelled to your brand.

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