Motor Trade Solutions

Fleet Management

Tracking and managing a fleet has never been so easy

Through our sister company In-Car Cleverness, we have developed a fleet management and tracking solution incorporating leading edge technology unique in the marketplace, including advanced crash detection technology and geofencing for London's congestion zone charges.

The In-Car Cleverness solution is utilised by over 11,000 vehicles in the UK alone. A number of car dealer groups and fleet owners use the ICC solution to optimise their fleet usage, improve future fleet decisions or form a fleet policy within their business.

  • Instant vehicle worldwide tracking
  • Geofenced alerts including congestion zone monitoring
  • Speeding alerts
  • Port alerts
  • Vehicle used out of hours
  • Harsh driving alerts
  • Accident detection and reconstruction
  • Remote vehicle diagnostics

The ICC solution can generate over 35 detailed reports including the above areas giving the fleet manager or finance director unparalleled control over their fleet and strategy.

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